Your State's Ticket to 20-30% Increase in Lotto Sales

PoolingPLUS Gives Players 10 More Chances to Win!

PoolingPLUS is the ONLY add-on that gives players 10 more chances to win & generates 10 Winners with each winning ticket.

In fact, it gives pooling players 10X more chances to become a jackpot winner and winner of any other prizes - for just an extra $1 in most jackpot games and $2 in Powerball or Mega Millions.

Once implemented, PoolingPLUS will become the mode by which most prizes will be won. Pooling tickets will generate 2 - 3 times as many winners than non-pooling tickets, creating even further demand.


PoolingPLUS is a new Lottery transaction that results in a new combination ticket. It gives the Lottery the ability to incentivize players to purchase more draw game tickets without the use of discounts or giveaways.

The Lottery transaction combines a suggested required purchase of a traditional ticket(s) with a pool of tickets to give the players more chances of winning. (See sample ticket below).

Unlike office pools:

A pooling ticket is anonymous, just like other lottery tickets.

Players do not know the identity of any other players in any pool, the system randomly creates each pool from other poolers around the state.

All winnings are paid by the lottery directly to each winner individually (not to the pool as a whole).

Like all lottery ticket purchases, no personal information is collected.

Each player has their own ticket that represents their individual share of any winnings, thus there is no chance of someone else losing your ticket or claiming your prize.

Research by Crestwood Associates involving two lotteries and nearly 1,400 players using established research panels supports a 30% increase in Powerball sales. View Independent Research Summary.

The PoolingPLUS ticket itself conveys a powerful VALUE ADDED message: Players can now get EXACTLY what they've been looking for -- An Affordable Way to Get A Lot More Chances to Win!

View a Sample PoolingPLUS Ticket

Not "Jackpot Fatigue" -- "Losing Fatigue": Draw game players are tired of losing, and so have limited their play to when the jackpots are high enough to justify losing again.

Read More: Why Pooling Works & Will Continue to Grow

Players want to win! If players could find an affordable way to significantly improve their chances of winning, they would return to playing with more enthusiasm — even at the lowest jackpot levels.

The ability to choose a NEW mode of play that significantly increases their chances of winning will attract new players to the game, bring lost players back to the game, motivate side-liners (who wait for ever-increasing jackpots) to start playing sooner, and give current players an attractive new mode of play to add to their play mix.

Recent independent research clearly confirms that this pooling option gives players a valuable incentive to play more often and spend more when they do.

Players are looking for additional value for their money, and research shows they are willing to spend MORE if they perceive "more bang for their buck." Thus, lotteries should be looking for products that give players an AFFORDABLE way to get MORE chances to win.

It is important to understand the following:

  1. Each pool is made up of 10 plays shared by 10 players. Therefore, although each of the 10 players receives their own ticket showing the 10 plays, there are only 10 plays in total, and the lottery will be receiving full price of $10 for the 10 plays.
  2. The PoolingPLUS option also requires a minimum qualifying purchase of 100% owned tickets. It is suggested that for $1 games, the minimum purchase should be set at 2 100% owned tickets, and 1 100% owned tickets for $2 games. The combination ticket will show both the 100% owned plays and pool of plays. (SEE ILLUSTRATION).
  3. The pooling process is designed so that even if there are hundreds of thousands of pools, only a few pools could remain partially filled by drawbreak. Handling of those pools is discussed under FAQs.

U.S. Patent No. 7,527,556.
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