PoolingPLUS Transactions Generate Sales Increases of 20% - 30%

Independent research concludes unequivocally that players will PAY MORE and PLAY MORE with PoolingPLUS as the incentive.

Overview - PoolingPLUS will re-energize any draw game by adding a new level of excitement to incentivize players to stay in the game and play more often, even when jackpots are at their lowest levels. PoolingPLUS brings fun and winning opportunity back to jackpot driven draw games for those players who don't need to "have it all." The transaction provides players with more variety, more value and more chances to win by combining pooling with the purchase of regular draw game tickets. The lottery controls all the parameters. It works with all traditional 5-6 number draw games.

New Revenue & Increased Sales Potential - Sales from CURRENT PLAYERS will increase dramatically. For instance, gaining just an additional $2 every 2 weeks from a single ticket purchaser will result a 25% sales increase. But, equally important will be the impact on the Lottery's bottom line from: RETURNING PLAYERS who dropped out because they gave up on winning, but who will now see a very significant positive change in their chances of winning; NEW PLAYERS who will be intrigued by this new way of playing; and from the vast base of SIDELINE PLAYERS who will start playing sooner and more frequently.

THE POOL: View a Sample PoolingPLUS $2 Pool - $4 Ticket

  1. The PoolingPLUS ticket is a combination transaction that combines a required minimum purchase of regular plays with a set of pooled plays.
  2. PoolingPLUS is not a fractional ticket. Each $2 lottery play is backed up by $2 of revenue.


  1. Players will now have 2 modes of playing draw games - elevating the overall excitement of the games.
  2. Players get 10x as many chances of winning - reinforcing the belief that they can win and are getting more for their dollar.
  3. Players will win 10 x more frequently.
  4. Players will have 10 chances to become a multi-millionaire for only an extra $2.
  5. Unlike a traditional play, with a pool players have the opportunity to win multiple prizes (instead of only 1 prize) for the same price.
  6. Players won’t have any of the hassles associated with traditional pooling (finding players, collecting money, etc.) It’s pooling in a ticket. The software does all the work.
  7. Each printed ticket filled with rows of plays delivers a powerful visual impact.
  8. A pooling ticket provides players with security and flexibility they have always wanted, but never had. For the first time, those who wish to pool no longer have to rely on the honesty and security of the ticket purchaser because they now hold onto their own ticket(s). There will be no more legal issues, like "who is in and who is not," so often found with private pools, and each Player can now decide how much to spend and when to spend it.
  9. The RollOver Pools turn small wins into exciting wins.


  1. Provides equal opportunity for all citizens - The majority of potential pooling players, which includes independent workers, those working in small businesses and the retired, can now pool without having to be in a large office.
  2. Gives players significantly more chances of winning for a very affordable price. How many players can spend $20 more per drawing versus only $2 more per drawing or $10 more per drawing versus only $1 more per drawing.
  3. Helps protect the elderly and other vulnerable players - State offered pooling takes away the incentives used by scam artists and illegal draw game operators, who prey on the vulnerable.


Because of the qualifying purchase, Retailers will benefit from significantly HIGHER PROFITS per lottery transaction.


  1. Current players who will spend more to add pooling to their plays.
  2. Past Players who will return because they are intrigued by this new exciting way of playing that gives them more chances to win at an affordable price.
  3. Infrequent players who will play more often.
  4. Increased Retention - Players who would have stopped playing, but will now have more reasons to continue playing.
  5. New players who never liked the odds and who think that pooling makes sense.
  6. A portion of the players who buy instant tickets are likely to move some of their money over to pooling from time to time and when jackpots are on the rise. These dollars will provide not only more sales, but 50% more profit.


Unlike many other game options, 100% of the income from the Pooling Option feeds the prize fund.


For each winning pooling ticket, there will be 10 winnners. And because those winners don't know each other, the reach of "winner awareness" is greatly amplified.


  1. Provides Lotteries with unlimited promotional offers by varying the qualifying purchase, number of pools, the size of the pools and the jackpot levels.
  2. Provides Lotteries with the ability to significantly increase sales at the lowest jackpot levels by offering a lower qualifying purchase below a certain jackpot level.
  3. Multi-State Game Flexibility - In a multi-state game, each state can offer their own promotions without affecting the other states.
  4. Each winning pool play generates 10x as many winners, winner stories and goodwill for the lottery.
  5. Golden Marketing and Public Relations Opportunity - any one of the 10 pool plays that hits the jackpot will result in creating 10 Multi-Millionaires.
  6. For the first time, lotteries will be able to incentivize additional purchases without discounting - the pooling option is an incentive itself. It sells for full price.
  7. Allows for concurrent offers to incentivize incrementally larger purchases.
  8. Increases the size of the player base by attracting players who dropped out because they weren’t winning and had lost the belief that they could win.
  9. Easy to Explain - Most players already know what pooling is all about.
  10. Balances ever increasing higher odds - As jackpots have continued to rise in step with the odds against winning them, players are becoming more disenchanted and will recognize and appreciate the common sense appeal of pooling.
  11. Gives Lotteries the ability to target different price-point player segments - Unlike any other product, PoolingPLUS can be configured to target low, mid AND higher price-point players with different products.

U.S. Patent No. 7,527,556.
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