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10 Highlights of the Pooling Option (PDF) 
Benefits to the Lottery and the Players.
Sample Powerball Brochure (PDF) 
Powerball Brochure includes example of shared plays for wins under $1.
Sample Mega Millions Brochure (PDF) 
Mega Millions Brochure includes example of shared plays for wins under $1 along with a Doubler Feature.
Sample $2 Pool - $4 Ticket (PDF) 
Short ticket - shows 1 personal play and 1 $2 pool.
Sample $1 Pool - $3 Ticket (PDF) 
Short ticket - shows 2 personal plays and 1 $1 pool.
Andy Amada, RMS President, holding 5 Play / 5 Pool Ticket (PDF)
Long ticket - shows 5 personal plays and 5 pools.
Sample 5 Play RollOver Ticket 
Sample 5 play RollOver ticket.
Sample 2 Play RollOver Ticket 
Sample 2 play RollOver ticket.
Sample 2 Play RollOver Ticket with Doubler Feature 
Sample 2 play RollOver ticket with Doubler Feature.
Why Pooling Works and How it Will Grow 
Why pooling works and how it will grow.
Proposed Accounting for Pooling  
Proposed Accounting for Pool Plays and Partially Filled Pools.
Mathematical Solution to Jackpot Fatigue  
Empowering Players to Counterbalance the Long Odds.
The Power of RollOver Pools  
The Power of Rollover Pools and Doubler Feature.
Crestwood DC Survey - Dec 2012  
Crestwood DC Survey - 4.3 MB.


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PoolingPLUS Logo (PDF)
RMS Logo (PDF)

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