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MATHEMATICAL SOLUTION TO JACKPOT FATIGUE: Neutralizing Jackpot Fatigue is all about Empowering Players to Counterbalance the Long Odds. Mathematical Solution.
QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH: 2 quantitative studies using established research panels and conducted by Crestwood Associates - covering 2 non-contiguous lotteries - nearly 1400 players.  The study supports a 20% - 30% sustained increase in Powerball sales.  The Crestwood research studies are available upon request. 
FOCUS GROUP TESTING: Conducted by North Dakota Lottery
Research from 4 focus groups, conducted in two different cities.
VIDEO: Independent Lottery Research Focus Group
Conducted at NASPL Conference - View Video Below
"MegaPower to the People" - Independent Lottery Research Survey 
Research article by Independent Lottery Research.
"Dive into office-pool technology. It's a much bigger pool than we suspected..."
Published in NASPL's Lottery Insights Magazine, p27.


U.S. Patent Granted - May 2009, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent number 7,527,566 on PoolingPLUS.
"Losing Fatigue, Not Jackpot Fatigue"
It's causing a $5.4 billion annual shortfall.
Published in Public Gaming International.
SmartTech Product Award: PoolingPLUS Wins Award at Smart-Tech  

U.S. Patent No. 7,527,556.
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