Sample Promo Ideas

PoolingPLUS offers players an exciting new mode of lottery play that can be used as an "Easy to Understand" platform for dozens of interesting and profitable lottery promotions.

Launch Promo Ideas

Lottery Product Promo

Seasonal Promo Ideas

Players Already Understand Pooling: So, it becomes an easy to communicate promotional platform for just about anything the Lottery wants to introduce, re-invigorate, or add value to.

Just a Few Ideas

Try the New Santa Scratcher and Get a Pool.

Join the Lottery's VIP Club and Get a Pool.

Donate to This Great Charity and Get a Pool.

Buy 10 Advance Plays and Get a Pool.

Try the New State Lotto Game and Get a Pool.

Play Before the Jackpot Hits $100M & Get Up to 2 Pools with Every Regular Play You Purchase.

And on, and on, and...


U.S. Patent No. 7,527,556.
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