Why Pooling Works!

People play the lottery to win.

And, when they don’t win ANYTHING, time-after-time-after-time, they get tired of losing – and start playing LESS... only returning to the game when the jackpot becomes high enough to justify losing again.

Many eventually end up giving up on the game, regarding it as ‘impossible to win.’

Conversely, any win, even a small win, will reinforce a player’s belief that they CAN win and will reinvigorate them to keep playing.

So, lotteries need to concentrate on marketing MORE than just huge jackpots. They need to provide new modes of play that actually increase players’ chances of winning something.

With PoolingPLUS, ten times more lottery players will win something, ten times more often.

A pooling ticket reverses the problem of ‘losing fatigue’ by providing players with a much higher winning frequency. The results of a pooling ticket not only enforces the belief that winning is possible, but it provides players with more excitement via having 10x as many tickets to play AND 10 times as many winners and "close calls".

A pooling ticket provides players with a simple and affordable way of getting significantly more chances of winning life altering prizes.

How Pooling Will Grow?

Pooling will grow from the initial deployment with current players. The additional growth in pooling will come from lapsed and infrequent players looking for a reason to get back into the game and now discovering this new way of playing. Further demand will result from players’ awareness of winning results and from players' losing experiences with non-pooling tickets.

Players will always see the value of pooling since they receive 10 times the tickets for the same price as they pay for one ticket. State lotteries have been offering different games with different odds, but players count the odds in their hand and not in their head. The visual impact of a pooling ticket will be a very powerful draw.

  1. The initial demand will come from current players who see the obvious value in the pooling option: a share in 10 more plays for only $1. Research supports a 20% - 30% increase in sales from those players.
  2. Lapsed and Infrequent Players will start returning to the game and play more often as they learn about the pooling option.
  3. Winning Results will spur more demand - Initially 20 out of every 100 winning tickets will come from pooling. Since there will be ten players associated with each winning pooling ticket, the number of significant winners ($1,000 up) from pooling will be 20 winning tickets x 10 winners or 200 winners plus 80 winners from regular winning tickets - resulting in over three times as many winners (280 vs 80). As those results are made known via word-of-mouth, advertising, and postings on the lottery's website, additional players will start requesting pooling tickets.
  4. Each winning ticket will also result in a communication ripple effect - instead of just one winner telling friends and work associates of their good fortune, there will be 10 winners from different parts of the state, each sharing their winning story with their own circle of friends and work associates.
  5. Increased Demand from Players Frustrated with Losing - Due to the high odds against winning, most players lose most of the time, and they often run into long dry spells of no winners and very few if any matching numbers. These players will reach out to add pooling to their play mix.

U.S. Patent No. 7,527,556.
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