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Are you ready to win more?

Pooling has always been an alternative way to play the lottery. However, players need an office or organization, someone to buy the tickets, hold the money, and much more.  

What if you could enter a pool for more chances to win as an OPTION when you buy your lottery ticket?

​Cool, huh? (Yeah, we thought so too.) 


That's why we invented and patented it. Through our sister company, we have been servicing players directly for over 20 years and now it's time to have it optioned and integrated with the lottery games. 

Adding PoolingPLUS as an option to your favorite lottery game (i.e., Lotto, Powerball, and/or Mega Millions), you get 10 more chances to become a multi-millionaire for only an extra $2.  
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Unlike office pools, with PoolingPLUS...

   Each player in the pool is anonymous, no personal information is collected.

•   Pooling is available 24/7 and not just when a group can be arranged.

•   Players do not know the identity of any other players in the pool.  The system randomly fills each pool from other poolers around the state.

  Each player has their own ticket that represents their individual share of any winnings, thus there is no chance of someone else losing their ticket or claiming their prize.

  Winnings are claimed and collected separately by each person in the pools; the same way winnings are collected for non-pooling tickets.

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Let's work together.

First, get social.  

Let your friends, family and social networks in on PoolingPLUS ! 

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Hey (mom, dad, dog groomer,...)!!

You have to check out this new incredibly awesome idea. (I sure wish I had thought of it.)

PoolingPLUS is a lottery game option that automatically puts you in pools (like we used to do) AND it's a part of the more having to deal with finding players, collecting the cash, and all that. The deal is you get 10 more chances to win for an extra $2! 

You should check it out!  Oh, and forward this to Jason, I think his mom still works for the state, right?


Their site:


Second, ask your state.

Let your state know you want PoolingPLUS as an option in your lottery games.

Keep in mind, this works with Mega Millions, Powerball, and your local state Lotto or draw games.

Dear (your state) Lottery,

I've recently learned about PoolingPLUS and how it can provide players more chances to win while boosting the lottery revenues for our great state of (your state).


I'm hopeful you are working with them.  And, even more hopeful we see this option in our games real soon!


They have my support for sure!  


Thank you for your support! 

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