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"Defeat Jackpot Fatigue and

Super-Charge Sales"

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SmartTech Award

"Rebuilding Value in

Online Games.

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Quantitative Review

The study supports a 20% - 30% sustained increase in sales.

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Insights Magazine

Independent Lottery Research Survey,

"MegaPower to the People"  

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Quantitative Review

 "...would generate incremental sales for both Powerball and Mega Millions"

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Insights Magazine

"Losing Fatigue, Not Jackpot Fatigue"
A $5.4 billion annual shortfall. 


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Independent Testing

Research from 4 focus groups, conducted in two different cities

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UK Syndicates

1 in 6 Lotto Jackpots are won by Syndicates, aka "Pooling"

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USPTO Granted

The USPTO issued patent number 7,527,556 on PoolingPLUS.

Focus Group Discussion

by Independent Lottery Research 

Conducted at NASPL Conference

Legal Claims

U.S. Patent No. 7,527,556


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